The Intuitive Diet Plan

beef stew

I spent most of last year exploring a Vegan and Raw Food diet, but now I am slowly integrating meat back into my recipes. I've found that just small portions of meat every once and a while seem to help me feel a little bit more like my true self. Nevertheless, all my work last year has made me a vegetable and fruit lover at heart. More then ever I crave Vegan cooking, so that even when I do eat meat, I long for the next dish that is pure vegetables and fruits.

One of the books I decided to read concerning the Paleo Diet was called Primal Body-Primal Mind: Empower Your Total Health the Way Nature Intended (...And Didn't) by Nora Teresa Gedgaudas. It definitely contained some interesting points on grains, water, and Omega-3 fatty acids, though it was so dense on information that I skimmed most of this book. What I took away from my experience last year and reading this book, is that I'm beginning to listen to my own body and hear what I believe it is wanting for optimal health. Instead of following a prescribed belief system regarding food and health from a book, I've got my own Beth diet guru at work -- my body!

It has been empowering to abandon the directions of others and launch off on my own so as to hear the responses from my body when I ask, "What do you need today to feel vibrant and alive?"

What have you been hearing your body say lately?


  1. For many years, I ate no meat at all because I couldn't tolerate it. Now I eat what feels good and meat only occasionally in small portions. We find that just listening to what our bodies are telling us we need works really well for feeling good. Lots of fruit and veg and winter soup! I'm happy you found your Beth diet guru.

  2. Like u I have lessened the red meat..I do notice I don't have the appetite like I use to.. No, not sick, just not hungry. I do eat 3 meals a day.. I eat a lot more veggies and fruit and maybe that is what is filling me up? Every so often I can tell when I need to add some sugar to my diet and will have a couple of cookies...Also my liking to carbs has diminished too.. I use to love a baked potato, now the desire has kind of diminished.

  3. i think you bring up a very good point... i will be honest, i am a vegetarian with heavy leaning towards vegan... my body sometimes screams for fish - i don't know if that is the scandinavian in my dna or a true need - no matter, i end up wrestling with karmic debt guilt... this was a refreshing post - and i appreciate your sharing your experiences and thoughts.. you are truly a quiet leader...

  4. What fun to find others working out their diets intuitively!!

    I'm with you LeAnn, veg, fruit and winter soup are my favs :)

    Chris, I like how you acknowledged that sugar craving. Sometimes having a cookie is just the thing! I love that you honor these cravings in yourself. I too was on a baked potato kick but where it went I don't know...out with the butter :)?

    Mary Jane, my body screams for fish too! I've been feeling like its scandinavian genes too. Hope you find a balance between your body's cravings and your beliefs.


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