The Messenger

Messenger, Beth Hemmila (Hint Charms): sterling silver hummingbird and angel wing charm

A couple weeks ago, I finally got around to watching Oren Moverman's 2009 film The Messenger. Featuring Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson as military officers assigned to the Army's Casualty Notification service, this movie explores the impact that the Iraqi war has on lives here at home.

It's a movie I categorize as a slow burn...difficult to watch at times for it challenges your ability to pay attention during uncomfortable moments, yet the story seeps into your psyche weeks after viewing it. I'm still thinking about The Messenger, and I guess it caught me off guard because I rarely respond to war movies in this way.

I suppose it is the deeper message, hanging out there unspoken that haunts me. How does one take responsibility and carry one's actions through life with dignity and how do we inspire others do the same?

The Messenger is one of those movies that would be on my top ten list for empathy training, so if you've managed to miss it, I hope you'll soon discover it.


  1. I remember seeing this movie and yes, it is powerful.. Also it showed what the messenger goes thru, his side and how he has to show a 'gruff' exterior ... When my brother was alive he dreaded giving that part of his chp job...he said knocking on that door is the hardest...Your necklace depicts 'the messenger' well, Beth..Bittersweet...

  2. thank you beth, truthfully i had avoided it because it looked so painful - but i think i will take it on... it is only very special films that permeate our thoughts - nice to hear this is one of them... 'a beautiful mind' did that for me as well...

  3. Chris, I'm so glad to hear another person felt the same way about this movie. Can't imagine how difficult your brother's job was. Thank you for seeing the connection in this necklace.

    Mary Jane, oh I'm so glad this post may have inspired you to watch this movie. It has really moved me and I hope you are touched too.


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