Facebook: Finding the Message

Sierra looking for messages
I meet a lot of new acquaintances on Facebook. The group of people I'm connected to on Facebook has grown to such proportions that I seem to have become a slightly desensitized to adding a new friend.

Then out of the blue last week, I decided to do some research on two people who I added to my friend list. Does this sound weird? Like a voyeur peeking in someone's house when they're not a home? The silly thing is that the whole concept of Facebook is that we are all inviting people to snoop through our bookcases so to speak while were busy in the kitchen. So I quickly banished my uncomfortable thoughts, convinced myself that if someone wanted to friend me it was for a good reason, and like any decent Nancy Drew I was on the case to figure out what message was meant for delivery.

Looking through my new friends' info, interests, mutual friends, and wall posts each time I went away with some new gem of understanding that I probably would have never found otherwise. For instance, I happened to click on a friend of a new friend and the PBS documentary The Buddha showed up as one of their "Liked" pages. How the heck did I miss watching this movie? When I went to The Buddha Facebook page there were some of my dearest Portland friends already connected to this movie. This prompted me to quickly add the movie to my growing Netflix list.

This delightful discovery got me thinking that my friends on Facebook, whether they be close or passersby in cyberspace, are my best way to stay connected to what I need to know. If I choose to look, my friends on Facebook are holding answers to questions I've been asking myself.

It's like taking that horrible high school math test where everyone knows one of the answers, wrote it on their hand, and is sharing it with the rest of class. My friends on Facebook are the greatest cheat sheet to the best quiz show ever. Next time you are friended by a friend of a friend, I hope you put aside your shyness and think like Nancy Drew to find the answers you're looking for :)


  1. First of all, that's an adorable photo of Sierra.. wth do cats love to get into paper?? or lay on it??lol... as far as sleuthing, I've done the same.. why not? If the person u are researching has something unmentionable well, now its in the open...Can't hide a thing on the internet.

  2. Very good insight. I will embrace that very aspect of the social networking. Actually, if not for the internet and ETSY I would have never discovered you and our work. That makes me happy! Cheers!

  3. facebook keeps me updated on your new creations.i love the links to everyone's blog.

  4. Fantastic post, Beth! Love the perspective you brought to Facebook friends. Eager to hear how the movie is!

    Wishing You Creativity,
    Suzann Sladcik Wilson

  5. Really good post, Beth.
    As a beading girl in Australia I love the beading connections that FB and blogs bring to the wonderful beading girls all over the world - I like FB for that reason mainly. Vicki

  6. Thanks everyone for enjoying this post and being willing to look at Facebook in a different way!


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