Garden Diary: Dinosaurs or Birds?

dinosaurs or birds?

I finally caught up on a Smithsonian article entitled "Dinosaurs' Living Descendants" from their December 2010 issue. Apparently, paleontologists in China have verified that birds are the living descendants of a dinosaur lineage called Maniraptorans.

Well of course there are a few skeptics out there, but I just love the idea that a pigeon is really an ancestor of a dinosaur. Here I photographed a flock of robins feeding in our front yard from a month or two ago. Now when I look at the picture, I see a herd of tiny dinosaurs feasting on our wide open plain.

I don't know why that's so much fun to imagine, but maybe it's because we like the idea of meeting up with something ancient that went before us. What do you think?


  1. I'm all about that Beth! Awesome... I am fascinated with ancient things... civilizations... LIfe on other planets and how we have been and are visited here on Earth by other life forms... :) BIrds are amazing all around... I've thought of their link with dinos before too... :)

  2. Before becoming an RN I studied Biology....mainly ornithology (study of birds.....love them) and yes birds are actually part of the reptile family......they have feathers instead of scales, but the feathers lay in the same pattern of scales...think about it! Their bones are the same too....lightweight and full of air (holey)....scaley legs.....mouths are both beak-like....I could go on and on....I think I did!


  3. Leslie, thanks so much for adding all your wonderful tidbits about bird biology. The holes in their bones just fascinates me. Also, this idea that their feathers lay in the same pattern of the scales really helps me picture how this all evolved. Thank you!

    Lauren, what fun to imagine the bigger picture of life and all its amazing forms with you!


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