Glacier National Park Repeat Photography Project

Grinnell Glacier, 1938: T.J. Hillman photo
This week I went to a presentation about Glacier National Park at the REI store in Portland, Oregon. The speaker, Dan Fagre a research ecologist, works for the U.S. Geological Survey at Glacier National Park in Montana, studying how dramatic climate changes are impacting ice melt.

These amazing photographs are part of the Glacier National Park Repeat Photography Project and document how rapidly the glaciers are receding. All three photographs are an oblique view of Grinnell Glacier taken from the summit of Mount Gould, Glacier National Park.

Grinnell Glacier, 1981: Carl Key photo
Not only is a beautiful landscape and ecosystem changing, but much of our water used for irrigation and domestic use comes from mountain snow melt. Worldwide receding glaciers will have a tremendous impact on the future of our water systems.

Grinnell Glacier, 2009: Lindsey Beng photo
The prediction is that the Park's glaciers will be completely gone by 2030. If you or your children have never seen Glacier National Park, you may want to add it to your treasured list of places to visit. If you are unable to make the trip, consider spending time on the gigapan Web site exploring these glaciers up close and personal.


  1. The Park is about a half hour from where I live--it's truly spectacular! Anyone in the vicinity of northwest Montana should definitely put it on their itinerary!

  2. You lucky girl! You must live in constant amazement. No wonder you make such beautiful things :)


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