Hedgehog Secrets: Invite Difference Into Your Life

hedgehog lawn art
After I started my quest to learn more about hedgehogs, it seemed as if everywhere I turned one popped up on my radar. For instance, while shopping for a birdbath, I discovered this adorable piece of hedgehog lawn art. I would have never noticed this guy before, but simply because I focused my attention on hedgehogs, I was now open to seeing him from a new point of view.

hedgehog lawn art

Isn't he the cutest thing? I suppose if I can't have a real hedgehog 
protecting my garden from pests, this sculpture will do, right?

Faience Hedgehog, Egyptian, Middle Kingdom, Twelfth or Thirteenth Dynasty (1991-1640 B.C.)

This next hedgehog sculpture isn't lawn art, but it sure seems pretty darn close in style and design. Surprisingly, this hedgehog sculpture is from ancient Egypt where many a tomb was littered with images of this small creature. Historians surmise that Egyptians may have seen the defensive posture of a spiny hedgehog as a good luck charm to ward off evil and protect them from misfortune. Aha! A new lucky charm, how cool is that?! Now I'm starting to wonder why Lucky Charms hasn't adopted a hedgehog to their cereal mix...

My point is that it seems that one way to open yourself up to new learning is to invite difference into your life. In this blog series I started out with a question: "Why do I dislike hedgehogs?" Simply by becoming curious and investigating why I don't like something, I've invited difference into my life and learned to value so much more about myself, other people, and this creature.

I hope you'll take time to notice the things that put you on edge and make you uncomfortable. Try inviting them in to stay awhile and see what happens. Take pleasure in watching them transform your life.

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