Who's Your Personal Life Coach?

hugo - my life coach

Well, I suppose the best answer would be myself, but when times are tough sometimes you have to look outside yourself for some coaching.

Meet Hugo, my personal life coach. 

For over fourteen years, he's motivated me to rise every morning and set my intentions for the day. He's very good a keeping to a routine, which means he lets me know when I need to go to yoga, eat lunch, avoid the television or computer, and get some sleep. He went to the school of hard knocks, so anything sub-standard has no business in his life. He has a relentless desire to see me live life to its fullest, and every day I thank him for his persistence.

Look around you. Do you see your life coach? The people, animals, or things in your life that keep you motivated and on track when times are difficult. Could it be your family, garden, community, or business you've made a commitment to? Kids are incredible life coaches, because they're constantly reflecting back to you what is most out of balance.

Are you listening to the messages of your life coach or are you resisting? Either way I hope you're practicing kindness and patience with yourself. Listening and resisting both have a certain value in the process. For me, after a long period of resisting Hugo's instructions on life where I find myself giving into the moment, I let out a big laugh, enjoying the absurdity of myself and the experience of letting go.

I hope you'll look to the coaches in your life and show them your thanks today and every day.


  1. yes, i have 3 zen masters in my house teaching me about patient and flexibility... and discipline... i struggle with the fact that my kids are raised with almost exclusively feminine energy... i know that the mother/father balance is important... so i do try to fulfill both ends of the spectrum though i naturally am pulled to the feminine...
    and my cats, yes, they do keep me attuned to routines... and i think the one i appreciate most is being guided to bed at day's end... i stop working and know that they know what is best...
    hugo is so beautiful... i am so glad you have each other...

  2. Beth, what a great post. I really enjoyed reading it - and most of all thinking about what you´ve written. I have a cat too - and he´s a big reminder of all things good: Resting, eating, playing and most of all take time to express love and recieve it. And to be proud of just who I am. After all he lives just here and now - and that´s very important to me.

    Have a lovely day, Beth!!!

  3. Change is such a complicated word. So easy to say but so hard to do. It is possibly the hardest thing we do in our lives. We seek it out in various ways and places. We do crazy things in the name of change and we sit sit for hours in hopes of inviting it. But the truth is that change is something that will happen once we simply unleash the negative and open ourselves to accept change into our lives. How... the how is different for everyone.

  4. Balance. We all aspire to it. Balance between creating and teaching, balance between rest and action.... I have two canine life coaches. Oscar is quiet, wise, mellow - reminding me to slow down, go with the flow, love quietly and strongly. He is a napper, a sunbather, a dreamer. Zoey is... a spaz. She is all energy, invigorating, enthusiastic, engaged, frenetic. She reminds me to love what I do, fiercely, every second. To relish and savor every particle of the day. Live with passion, dance in the green grass, howl at the moon....and at the end of the day, curl up tired from a day well spent.

  5. This is really timely...I have gotten out of balance of late and my little life coach has been nagging me for more Spring walks and less computer time...

  6. haha! how cool to know others are tuning into their furry and not so furry life coaches throughout the day. Thanks for connecting over this thought...you are all lifting me up a little higher each day :)


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