Behind the Scenes: Reinvigorating Your Business with a New Elevator Speech

Has the vision behind your business become worn out? 
Are you sleeping your way through building your business?

Three years ago, one of the first tasks my marketing coach assigned me was to write an elevator speech. This exercise was extremely difficult during the launching of Hint Jewelry because I still wasn't sure what it was that I wanted to do. Nevertheless, writing the elevator speech forced me to envision Hint Jewelry's mission and directed my energy in a positive way.

A couple years later, and I've realized that I may need to write a new elevator speech because I have a stronger feel for what I'm doing and a better idea of where I want to go. Nobody mentioned a rewrite, but perhaps that was implied. You change and your business changes. I need to remember to communicate that change to people.

This elevator speech is also a tool that you can use for networking a career or when meeting new friends. An elevator speech doesn't have to be about what your selling but could be something you use to explain your purpose in life. How many times have you encountered a stranger in the grocery store or at a party and they ask, "What do you do?" Many times this leads to verbal fumbling, so wouldn't it be fun if you had a clear vision of who you are communicated in an effective way that could lead to more conversation instead of awkward silences?

Check out this great online tool designed by the Harvard Business School and reinvigorate your business or your focus in life with a well crafted elevator pitch.


  1. I love your blog. I rarely comment, but I also read it and felt like I should let you know that I think that you have an excellent blog. :)

  2. I have been thinking about this so much lately as I have fumbled my way through a few conversations of late. I used to have it down, stated it confidently, but I am redefining, refining and re-figuring what I actually do and want to do. I look forward to checking out the online tool. Thank you for the timely post. Happy to travel this life with you. Peace.

  3. Thanks, Sara! You are too sweet. It's wonderful to hear feedback like this. It helps me know I am sharing information that is useful to others.

    Linda, gosh it's good to hear your own story of stumbling around with your elevator pitch. I guess we are in the same place. Have fun and I hope you discover something new!


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