Hatha Yoga: Union and Reunion

sterling silver Zen Lotus charm, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)

Today I was thinking about the root meaning of Hatha Yoga. "Ha" and "tha" are the union of sun and moon. The bringing together, harmonizing, connecting, and balancing of two opposites. It's a wonderful image for me to see when I stretch out on my yoga mat.

Then I was thinking that this union is also a type of reunion that happens daily. As we flow through our day perhaps there is a breaking apart into little pieces when our attention is divided between many tasks and different people, challenging us to find centering and reunite with what is most essential.

May you find reunion every day...


  1. that is certainly a daily practice, isn't it? for if one cannot get centered daily, then we only drift further and further away from our Selves... i wear a lotus of yours daily... i love the meaning i will now be able to bring to it... thank you, beth - and may you find reunion today...

  2. I love this image you have mentioned of drifting away from ourselves. I never saw it like that, but that is exactly what it feels like. Thank you for sharing this insight, Mary Jane!


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