Maisie DeVore: No Step is Too Small

I stumbled across the story of Maisie DeVore, an eighty-three year old angel who collected and recycled aluminum cans for close to thirty years, raising over $73,000 for a community pool in her hometown of Eskridge, Kansas.

Not only is this story filled with the hopes and dreams of a woman who wants to contribute to her community's health and well-being, it reminded me that it takes amazing strength of character to keep doing what your doing to reach a goal.

Sometimes on the way to realizing a dream you feel like you are just "plodding along," but now after hearing Maisie DeVore's story I see that each of those little steps are part of the grand plan. I guess the best idea is to just keep moving forward no matter how big or small your steps appear :)

What steps are you taking today?


  1. Oh my gosh I was just thinking about her the other day as I was daydreaming about how to get a new track and community center built in our town.

    Eskridge is just a few miles from where I live--just a hop, skip and a jump. Maisie's story has been such an inspiration for me to show how much ONE person can impact a community.

  2. Alice, how cool that this story has been inspiring you to figure out innovative means of helping your community. Maisie seems like an amazing spirit. I hope you find a solution for your new track and community center!


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