One Fall & Carl the Mailman

Carl the Mailman filming One Fall, Portland, Oregon: photograph by Dave Tuttle
I'm not even a big fan of wrestling, but there was something about reading Carl the Mailman's story in a local newspaper that made me want to donate to his first feature-length documentary entitled One Fall. Maybe it was because when I read the article, I remembered walking home the other day and seeing a mailman smile and say "hi" to me, and I thought, "Gosh that guy seems happy. I feel like my life is a little bit lighter right now."

In that incredibly brief passing moment, I exchanged hellos with Carl the Mailman -- one of the amazing people who serve our community by delivering messages. A couple days later instead of tossing The Hollywood Star News into the recycling bin like I normally do, I felt called to read it cover to cover and there was Carl the Mailman's project One Fall on the last page. I started laughing because honestly if Carl the Mailman hadn't said hello I wouldn't have read the article, clicked on his Web site, or donated to his venture.

Isn't that amazing?! Just stop and think how many times an opportunity is hanging on the sincerity of a smile or hello.  How many times did you miss a small yet important exchange because your head was buried in work or up in the clouds?

From this experience, I realized a couple of important ideas:
  • In every connection there exists the possibility of a deeper promise just waiting for me to recognize it.
  • Being in the presence of genuinely happy people gets me excited about discovering what it is that makes them happy. Moreover, while feeling this elated sense of gratitude for sharing in their happiness, my natural inclination to offer help takes over because I just want to make them feel even happier.
  • To fulfill a dream, you need to ask others for help. By allowing others to help move your dream forward, you up the inspiration quotient for a whole community. One big dream builds momentum for the future of many little dreams.
Please check out Carl the Mailman's project One Fall, the story of a true Portland character Dan "The Man" who despite many setbacks continues to follow his dream of being a wrestling promoter. If you feel called to be a supporter of dreams, then I hope you will donate a small sum to the film. If not, perhaps you will take an opportunity to check out all the other interesting creative projects on Kickstarter.com that are simply waiting for that special supporter to come their way.

Thank you to Carl the Mailman for sharing with me the gift of staying connected to the present moment and allowing me to help fulfill his dream. May you all be so blessed as to awaken to the many Carl the Mailmans carrying messages out there for you.

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