The Year of Chewing Food Dangerously

For over 40 years, I didn't chew my food. That all changed last year when I chose to alter my lifestyle and diet, which led to meeting with a health practitioner who opened my eyes to the relationship between chewing and a vibrant digestive system.

Moreover, the act of consuming food is in itself a sacred connection, and by consciously chewing and savoring meals, I am building a deeper relationship with the universe. Think of it this way, if you are only chewing a mouthful of food three to five times, that's like a brief wave to a friend across the street as you quickly continue on your way. Alternatively, you could chew a mouthful of food twenty-five to fifty times and this is like sitting down with your dearest friend for a delicious afternoon of laughter and conversation.

The first thing I noticed when I tried to consciously chew a mouthful of food twenty-five times is how frustrated and tired I felt. Eating became my second job and that was no fun for after all I was seeking food as a form of escape from work. Nevertheless, I continued on my way, staying aware of my resistance and how chewing changed my whole dining experience. Later as my chewing progressed, I became fuller faster, expanded my range of taste, and actually desired less food because when I chewed more, I satisfied my need through the act of savoring.

I have no doubt that consciously chewing my food has improved my health, my relationship to food, and brought me closer to the sacred universe.


  1. So there is some truth to the fact that my mother always said to stop gulping my food and to actually chew it! If I didn't think this morsel of knowledge would make my 13 year old roll his eyes, I would make him read this! But I will keep trying to get him to savor rather than gulp, just as my mother did to me! Enjoy the day!

  2. good idea! I am going to give it a try!

  3. Erin and Joyce, may you enjoy many future chewing experiences that delight your taste buds! Thank you for seeing the opportunity in this post.


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