Beach Meditation

Some memories from my trip to the Oregon coast I was able to capture on film while others were completely ephemeral like the deer that was looking into my eyes when I got up from tying my shoes. I hope these pictures inspire you to absorb the magic of your favorite ocean, lake, river, or stream this spring.


  1. Love that canary shrub (I've got one)... Photos of the birds, shell are stunning...

  2. lovely photography indeed, thank you.
    the flower is delicately beautiful....

  3. Beth, these are gorgeous photos! They transported me to another place; one that is calm and without these terrible storms, a beautiful place that I can only dream about.

  4. Christine, that was the first time I had noticed those shrubs. Someone said they've become aggressive up here, but I thought it was just so beautiful.

    Tammie Lee & gbkoru, thanks so much for appreciating this pictures!

    Alice, I'm so glad they brought you some peace!


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