Taste of the Nation: Volcanic Mineral Refresher

Several weeks ago I attended Taste of the Nation in Portland, Oregon. Designed to feature culinary talent in select cities, the Taste of the Nation event hopes to raise enough money to end childhood hunger in America by 2015.

One the vendors at the Taste of the Nation event in Portland, Oregon was Volcanic Mineral Refresher. I had never heard of them before so I took a moment to chat them up and find out the real scoop.

After swigging a glass, I was sold on the flavor and bought a bottle at Whole Foods just for fun. I mean who wouldn't want to take a 10,000 year old journey and connect with an ancient volcano?

Here's what the company has to say about Volcanic Mineral Refresher:


A sweet high pH (7.24) refreshing natural resource with a smooth, clean mouth-filling taste; bottled as a mineral supplement beginning in the 1870’s. The primary minerals are Magnesium, valued for cardiovascular and digestive health; the antioxidant mineral Zinc; and Bicarbonate, associated with calming the digestive system, especially as a complement to food, wine, and spirits.

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  1. Hi Beth, I just stumbled across this post and thought I'd say hello. I'm the NW salesperson for Volcanic. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and took the time to blog about it. Thanks so much! If you, or any of the followers of your blog have any questions, or want to know where to find it, feel free to email me at ryan@volcanicmineralrefresher.com

    PS. Love the photos!


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