When White Seems More Than Just White

Today I revel in its whiteness :)

Who else loves the raw color of vegetables?
Which one is your favorite?


  1. artichoke!. varying degrees of green, also it comes w/ some purple in it... as well as the tips can have some brown in them...

  2. it is a section of the produce department that i love - peppers - green, red, orange, yellow... all lined up...

  3. I like it when I cut leeks and they have the varying colors of white to green and they're all in ringed pieces... fun to play with before I dice them :)

  4. Last summer I was artfully arranging a spread from the garden on a big round platter. I looked down and realized that I was looking at a color wheel!!!

  5. What a great photo ~ I want to just grab a piece!
    I love all the colors - yum....

  6. Artichoke, Chris, I love staring at these ancient looking vegetables in the grocery store. They remind me of something dinosaurs would eat. Now you've got me wanting to look closer at them the next time I go shopping. Thank you!

    Mary Jane, oh yes sometimes they catch me daydreaming in the veggie section and think I need help. Little do they know I'm just enjoying the painting. Next time I'll think of you there too!

    Lauren, leeks are some of the tastiest veggies so I long to use them in soup. I too love that transition between green and white. Just fascinating. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Andrew, I'm guessing you live and breathe color wheel in all that you do. How lovely have that talent!

    Glad this photo satisfied your taste buds Sandi!


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