Aloha: Unconditional Love

A dear Etsy friend, Jamie Yoshida from The Bead Gallery sent me this amazing gift all the way from Hawaii. It's a Ho'omaka pendant that was cleansed in the healing pools of Hawaii and carries the vibrational memory of this sacred location.

My friend has been working with a Hawaiian healer to create these Ho'omaka pendants that have her thumbprint, original art, and breath in it. The whole process takes five people within Jamie's family and community to complete. I'm intrigued how this small piece of art is the product of several hearts working together. These charms then become part of the healing she performs for people through her spiritual ministry.

When I opened the package, I felt so cared for and loved, as if a little piece of Hawaiian medicine was airlifted to me. Here is what the rest of the card says:

This special keepsake was blessed by Kahu Karen Leialoha Carroll with you in mind. Prayers for Lokahi - balance and harmony, Malu - peace, Huikala - forgiveness, Imua - to move forward, and Aloha - unconditional Love were asked for, in your behalf. May you be blessed with a more abundant love than the day before, and may others be blessed by you!

I rarely ask people to pray for me and here from somewhere across the sea, someone took a moment and with loving intention sent me a blessing. I feel so incredibly lucky to be given something that I truly needed by such a caring friend. Thank you Jamie for sharing the spirit of Hawaii with me! This sacred thought has found a place next to my heart :)


  1. BTW, I went to the bead gallery site and also googled the necklace and was directed to soulintentionhawaii.com. which also had a link to Jamie's site.. I saw their Ho'omaka necklace and inquired about it.. of all the times I have been to that island I have never seen that necklace- its gorgeous and has such strength in the design.

  2. Jamie and her family are some of the nicest people ever! I always look forward to seeing them. They are really some of the sweetest people on the planet!!!

  3. Christine, what fun! I'm glad you connected to Jamie's work.

    Andrew, why am I not surprise Jamie and you are friends!!


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