Miniature Rhino

Message in a Bottle Letter Service, Miniature Rhino

Last month I was introduced to a neat little shop on Etsy called Miniature Rhino. Jessica Marquez is working out of Brooklyn and producing some of the cutest conceptual pieces I've seen in a while like this Message in a Bottle Letter Service. What could be more romantic and surprising then sending someone you love a tiny message wrapped in glass and ready for shipping out on the ocean's waves?

DIY Zodiac Embroidery Kit, Miniature Rhino

My favorite is this DIY Zodiac Embroidery kit
What a clever gift for one of your astrology loving friends!

Mini Book and Letter Hybrid, Miniature Rhino

Lastly, I'm partial to anything bookish and Miniature Rhino's ability to combine two of my favorite things -- reading and mail -- into this Mini Book and Letter Hybrid is just delightful!

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