Wendy McManus, Big World Studio & The Portland Mango Taste Off

mango fish taco, Koi Fusion
So about a week ago, on a Friday morning, I was dreaming about making a mango dessert for a potluck dinner, where little did I know that jewelry designer Wendy McManus of Big World Studio had written me a note inviting me to a Mango Taste off in Portland.

When I woke up and read her e-mail, I laughed so hard. I LOVE MANGOS!!! And apparently, from what I've learned our overall consumption in Portland is somewhat below average, so now I'm definitely bumping up my enthusiasm for this sweet treat.

Pictured above is the delicious mango fish taco from the food cart Koi Fusion at the D-Street Noshery. that won the Mango Hometown Tour Taste Off in Portland.

Bo from Koi Fusion
Here is the winner Bo from Koi Fusion explaining to the judges his concept for the fish taco and how everything was prepared. Though it looks quite simple, there were quite a few layers and elements to making this dish.

Beyond getting a chance to taste great food from local entrepeneurs, I also was educated on the different varieties of mangoes, how to tell when they're ripe, how to stop them from ripening, and the most effective way to slice a mango. Geez, I can't believe I've been struggling for years cutting mangoes when someone thought up such an easier method.

If the struggle to cut a mango has been holding you back from purchasing one of these beauties, be sure to visit The Mango Board to watch their video.

marionberry, Pie Spot
Afterwards, I got an opportunity to eat this scrumptious marionberry dessert from the Pie Spot cart and have a delightful chat with Wendy McManus from Big World Studio concerning jewelry design, metal clay, and new ways to approach my business.

Wave Collection, Wendy McManus (Big World Studio): fine silver pendant
Here is a piece from Wendy McManus' wave collection in metal clay at Big World Studio. Each wave pendant is lovingly crafted by hand in precious metal clay and then given a colorful patina.  To purchase work from Wendy McManus be sure to visit her shop on ArtFire at Big World Studio.


  1. Thanks for this awesome post, Beth! I was so happy that you came to the mango taste off. It was a pleasure to meet you, and I'm sure our paths will cross again.

  2. You are so welcome, Wendy! I look forward to our next mango/jewelry meeting :)


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