Bonnie Meltzer: Very Mixed Media

Butterfly Effect, Bonnie Meltzer

Something exciting happens when diverse elements rub up against each other.

A couple weeks ago at the Mango Taste Off in Portland, I sat across the table from local artist Bonnie Meltzer. We had never met before, but somehow in passing conversation we started talking about Arline Fisch an artist and jeweler working in metals and known for her amazing book Textile Techniques in Metal: For Jewelers Textile Artists & Sculptors. Half of my mixed media sculptures in graduate school grew out of Arline Fisch's explorations in metal textiles, and it was so much fun to meet another person who was impacted by her vision.  

Chignon, Bonnie Meltzer
Textiles, and in particular knitted objects, were my first love out of college. I always felt a bit disconnected from drawing and painting because there was something in the way between me and the page, but having the feel of something tangible like yarn in my hand stimulated a whole range of creative possibilities.

Bonnie Meltzer is drawn to recycling materials from computer parts, found objects, and enamel coated wire. Looking at her work, I'm attracted to how the colors of each wire seem to interconnect to the whole piece. It is both extremely elaborate how it all fits together yet I imagine it is a construction that is built bit by bit through intuition.

I hope you'll explore more of Bonnie Meltzer's work by visiting her Web site.


  1. Bonnie's work is so unique. I was just browsing her shop and am quite intrigued by the faces and figures! ~Val

  2. So glad you are enjoying her work! I like her faces too :)


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