Jennifer Chin: Hot Connections Jewelry the Complete Sourcebook of Soldering Techniques

Crown Publishing sent me a copy of jewelry designer Jennifer Chin's book Hot Connections Jewelry: The Complete Sourcebook of Soldering Techniques. It's currently on sale at Amazon for under $15.00,  and if you are new to making jewelry this book is a steal.

Jennifer Chin has packed so much great technical information into one book while at the same time using some of the most eye-catching jewelry designs I've seen in a long time. If you aren't into soldering yet, this book is sure to make soldering one of your most trusted jewelry making techniques.

Jennifer Chin
Starting with a solid foundation in learning how to solder as well as going on to explore a variety soldering techniques, Jennifer Chin manages to teach you how to do metal forming, textures, patinas, and stone setting all in one book.

One of the best little tidbits for me was learning how to make a hinge, something I've always wanted to try but just felt confused as to where to start.

Jennifer Chin's design examples are both modern and timeless, which seem to lend themselves to adapting to one's own style fairly easily. I've flipped through the book repeatedly over the last week and found an endless supply of creative inspiration.

If you're just starting out or you are looking to try a new jewelry making technique, I highly recommend purchasing Jennifer Chin's new book Hot Connections Jewelry: The Complete Sourcebook of Soldering Techniques.

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