Behind the Scenes: Seattle Gift Show Jewelry Displays

One of the ways to sell jewelry wholesale is to have a booth at a trade show. Last week I decided to check out the Seattle Gift Show, to see what kind of exhibitors attend and what sort of displays jewelry designers put together.

Here are a few examples of how jewelry designers constructed their booths. I'd be interested to know if you have any thoughts about which booths work well and why?

The Seattle Gift Show is put on by Urban Expositions, which organizes other gift shows around the country. Check out Urban Expositions' Web site for more information.


  1. what an awesome post. i have been thinking a lot about jewelry displays for my upcoming first outdoor show. this couldn't have come at a better time! Some really nice displays here!

  2. Beth, I can tell you what catches my eye at craft exhibits is displays like the last one... also Virginia's ( My Mane Blowing in the Wind).. when I started blogger I found her in a random search and she showed how she displayed her jewelry and it caught my eye... The top photos have their jewelry laying down... To me that takes up space.. I like to see jewelry displayed on mannequin forms (necklaces)... Even rings and bracelets can look pretty good on hand forms... Also a quirky, colorful sign is an eye catcher as well... Uniqueness is the key..oh and not a lot of inventory- that can be overwhelming to the customer... I think u can tell which ones I would pass by- :-)

  3. Thanks Beth. I just got back from Beadfest and I was checking out the displays as well, but for loose beads. I'm thinking of doing that show next year. Some of the best displays of loose beads also showed finished jewelry, using the beads that were for sale. Thanks for this post.

  4. Displays like the first two and the last one pictured work better for me. I get overwhelmed easily when at shows. When vending, I'm always so tempted to put out ALL THE THINGS but I do better when there's a good balance of empty space to filled up space. Gosh it looks like it was a great show!

  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures! How inspiring! We're trying to figure out the display of the store and want to really make a statement with how everything comes together, without overpowering all the elements AND stay under budget. Lots of balls to juggle to make everything look nice.

  6. I love Dotted Lane's background and her clean look (but her reds and maroons clash).

    Forestlife Creations is elegant and uncluttered, which I like. Very eyecatching.

    Harlow needs some height to her tables, and a bit of color as well.

    Suzanne has a great background but need a bit of variety to her props.

    The next one is great!!!

    ZAD, waaay too cluttered. I would pass this one by.

    Tracy Jane needs some variety in her props. The eye has nowhere to rest and so the customer might be overwhelmed and leave.

    Same with the next one.

    I love Austin Alexander's display, but it could use a pop of color, and it is a bit empty.

    Thanks for sharing. I'm always interested in seeing displays.

  7. Hi Everyone! Thanks for checking this post out and offering insight. Your thoughts are really important to me and have been extremely helpful!!

  8. what first strikes me when i look at these is how much work is involved to create so much inventory... it is staggering really... and displays can feel so dice-y... trying to evoke a certain atmosphere - and yet look professional... thank you for sharing this...

  9. Displays are very difficult. I like the simplicity of some, and how you can compare booth displays so easily with images.

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