Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon

Here are two beloved creatures stationed outside my door, guarding against vermin, watching for general misbehavior, and greeting all who enter. They are ambassadors for our little community in Northeast Portland. I'm not sure where these feral kitties came from, but it's clear that these scrappers have made their home in the urban jungle and are content to remain wild.

What does your community do about feral cats? It's a confusing issue. Here in Portland, Oregon we have the Feral Cat Coalition organized by a group of veterinarians who have come up with an innovative trap-neuter-return program to reduce the number of strays in our city.

Developing a mobile veterinary hospital, the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon enables caregivers who are feeding strays to humanely trap animals, get them spayed or neutered, and then after recovery return them to the streets. The program works on the premise that if you remove a group of cats from a food source a new group will move in to take over, so trapping and euthanizing animals at shelters isn't an effective solution.

Whatever their chosen lifestyle, these street smart friends are hard to resist, and each morning I find myself peeking outside my window to see what they've been up to out in the wild.


  1. Love the second photo.. U evidently disturbed their privacy! lol

  2. i am glad to hear there is such a well thought out and organized effort to help these inhabitants of your city... i am ashamed of what my town did a number of years back... i know snap offers services in the community... which is a good thing... you know there are a lot of kitties when the spca is offering 2 kittens for $50 with all medical services included... or an adult for $5... it is sad... (and i already have 5)... thank you for bringing awareness to this issue...

  3. That is an interesting group to be sure! I am greatly allergic to cats, but that gray striped cat is the spittin' image of my childhood cat Tiger. I loved her even though she made me sick and attacked me. That story is a good one!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. I'm always getting in their way, Chris!! But I can't resist.

    Thanks ladies, for adoring these kitties and the feral cat coalition cause :)


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