Last weekend I received a comment on my blog, "Why do people blog? Nobody cares anyway lol." The timing was so funny, because just the other day I had heard a nagging inner voice say, "blogging is difficult right now, because I don't have anything interesting to report."

Haha! This person wasn't far off from how I was 
truly feeling and that in itself is a valuable message :)

Does this happen to you? Sometimes there is just nothing to say. No conversation to make with friends. Your brain is a blank. It could be frightening or it could just be your mind is at complete peace. No need to talk or express anything outwardly.

So I know my blog has become a little threadbare over the summer. Lots of transitions are happening in my life that I haven't felt comfortable sharing, and instead of blogging I've actually been spending more time outside experiencing life's pleasures, taking up painting again, trying to finish editing a book, and enjoying my silence.

Things like buying a huge tub of blueberries for smoothies and delighting in these yellow squashes that are so scrumptious seem more accessible then blogging right now.

I hope your summer has been a delightful one filled with sunlight and simple pleasures! I look forward to finding my way back to blogging this fall :)


  1. wow that was a harsh comment that person left... blogging should be for the person who is blogging.. it shouldn't be for anyone else... unless that person is a collector- if u know what i mean... i bet that comment left was by someone who was anonymous, eh? those comments I don't take stock in at all.

  2. LOL..the question is..if the commenter really thought no one cared about reading blogs..Why were They reading and commenting?
    althought my hope is to improve and post regularly, i find a photo sometimes more entertaining than a looong wordy dry post..

  3. eventually there will be a day when a blogger has nothing to say. happens to me all the time. people seriously don't have anything better to do then to spew garbage comments like this. gah!

  4. My first thought was - well, if nobody cares, then why are they leaving a comment?
    I am experiencing a 'dry spell' myself - life is like that sometimes. I think it is perfectly alright for a blog to mirror life...
    Love the pic of the squash!

  5. It sounds like you're enjoying your summer, and I am so glad to hear that. Those squash look amazing! :) who would right a comment like that....? some people live in their own self-doubt, but not writing on a blog doesn't mean that- like you I also sometimes feels like not sharing or I am more busy with others things... I appreciate your honesty.

  6. Hmmm, why were they reading your blog if they don't care?

    I've had many times when I just don't have anything to share. I try not to feel guilty, but that's not easy.

    This happens to everyone at some point, so don't fret. Your blog is always beautiful, interesting, and inspiring.

  7. Oh my gosh! I really appreciated everyone's response to this post. Thank you for letting me know you have the same experiences on your blog and pointing out the silliness of it all. Thanks so much for your support of where I'm at in my life. It is so valuable to me to have this kind of feedback :)

  8. Wow - you hit the nail on the head w/this one! Love it! And, even tho peeps say they don't care,...they do in some way/shape/form for if they didn't, they wouldn't even log into their computers - they're just as stumped as the rest of us on matters only known to them!


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