Laurie Gale Designs

Lampworking Bench, Laurie Gale Designs
Are you already making lampworked beads or have an interest in starting? Are you a fanatic collector of jewelry with handmade glass beads? If so, be sure to check out Laurie Gale Designs for some delicious bangles.

Laurie Gale has a great page on her Web site that explains the whole process of creating a lampwork bead from start to finish. I was surprised by the complexity of thought that goes into these miniature works of art.

Jamboree Roses, Laurie Gale Designs

I love this big chunky purplish bead featured in one of her bracelet designs.

World Market, Laurie Gale Designs

This one looks perfect for an upcoming fiesta!

Tender Rains, Laurie Gale Designs

I'm not often attracted to pink, but this one drew me in like a delicate rose garden.

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  1. Lovely beads by Laurie Gale, I'm going to take a peek at her website. Thanks for sharing! Cheers!


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