Thomas Kenneth Conway

Still Life with Honey Jar and Red Block, Thomas Kenneth Conway: oil on panel
I happened to be looking for paintings of jars on the Internet and stumbled upon the artist Thomas Kenneth Conway. I was particularly attracted to his use of light in his paintings and the stillness that he evokes through composition and color. Coincidentally, Thomas Kenneth Conway is also an artist living and working in Portland, Oregon.

Be sure to check out Thomas Kenneth Conway's Web site for more paintings.

Minneola, Thomas Kenneth Conway: oil on panel

Homerun No. 4 (Still Life with Little League Baseball), Thomas Kenneth Cole: oil on panel

Shards No. 2 (Still Life with Linseed Oil), Thomas Kenneth Conway: oil on panel

[Orange] Pieces, Thomas Kenneth Conway: oil on panel

Still Life with Venetian Red, Thomas Kenneth Conway: oil on panel

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  1. i am so enamored of those who can take the intangible presence of light and make it magic... these have the calm beauty of 17th c. netherlandish painting, don't they? thank you so much for sharing his work - i will be reading more...


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