Trickster Spider Weaving a Journey

Create New Beginnings, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): sterling silver butterfly, spider, and lotus bud charms
This past month I've been living with a spider woman. She appears every so often to say "hi" and walks across my wall or ceiling, past my computer work station and off into her secret hideaway. Alas, I found spider woman burrowed in a pink, silk blouse, laying eggs and decided she needed to be relocated to the hallway.

Nevertheless, when I happened upon spider woman's daily routine, she always made me smile and think, "Hello, trickster spider, how are you weaving me into your web today?"

The creative force of life plays tricks on us and we never know how certain experiences are intricately connected to future moments. The journey is for certain and our destination is known, but the points along the path are unclear.

I created this necklace to celebrate life's journey with a butterfly, the many new beginnings that are part of this journey with a lotus bud, and the creativity that makes each one of them unique with spider woman at the center weaving all things together.

Here she is...my spider woman and trickster, creator of every next step on my journey. Many thanks for the force of your creative spirit, leading me along my path!


  1. Wow! That lotus bud charm is gorgeous, definitely enhances the look... Great idea.

  2. You know I love me some spiders! :) Awesome story, and I love the combo of charms on this necklace. With the touches of color too- one of my favs for sure.


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