Historical home in Carson City, Nevada
Happy Halloween! 
I hope you are finding fun things to do and delighting in the spookiness of the season :)

I've been enjoying some scary activities around Reno the last couple weeks that I wanted to share. One of my most memorable experiences was going on the Carson City Ghost Walk.

A combination of historical tour, theatrical re-enactments, and a peek inside old Victorian homes, the Carson City Ghost Walk was a great way to connect with the stories of the Wild West and how Nevada became a state on October 31, 1864.

Guardian of the Bates Motel, Carson City, Nevada
I also got a chance to check out the theatrical version of Dracula playing at an innovative downtown theater in Reno called Good Luck Macbeth. An intimate and ghoulish experience with lots of people dying at your feet, screaming vampires, and a live piano player setting the mood with eerie music.

I've posted a picture of one of the historic homes we passed by on the Carson City Ghost Tour that housed a former governor back in the 19th century. The current owners created this amazing rendition of a mini Bates motel complete with a cat guarding the gate. Isn't she wonderfully spooky?

What scary things have you been up to this Halloween?

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