Behind the Scenes: Turning Your Circus Upside Down

The other day I received an e-mail from The Crave Company that said "Flip It!" The concept asked women to envision flipping their business upside down. I thought, "Wow, this is an awesome idea. I do this exercise for drawings, writing, and other creative endeavors why not apply it to my business?" I even read a book last year called Lucky Everyday by Bapsy Jain that proposes when things get confusing, turn yourself upside down and stand on your head. I still hadn't embarked on this technique as a way of looking at my life as one big circus act, so I saw this e-mail as wake-up call and sat down to write a list of things that make up Hint Jewelry:

universal stories
constructing necklaces
adding components
colorful gems
metal (solid)
exploring identity = Who am I?

Then I went through my list and came up with the flip side or what might be the opposite:

personal stories
subtracting things
give away
no identity = Who aren't I?

When I looked over my list, a huge smile erupted across my face because the concepts for this new business are actually already in process. All year I've been working on publishing my book called Lemonade Mantras. A simple 10-step process of self-acceptance that transforms your hidden negative beliefs into a personalized prescription of positive affirmations for inner peace.

Here is the concept of the book using the words from flipping Hint Jewelry:

Exploring criticisms, judgments, and negative thinking patterns.

Looking at language and how we use words.

A project that explores the relationships between people and how to create more peace within them.

Dealing with issues that evoke strong emotional reactions such as anger, guilt, and saddness.

Creating a large network of people through a project of self-awareness.

Personal Stories
Examining personal stories and seeing how they limit our thinking about situations and future actions.

Breaking down beliefs so as to come to a place of positive uncertainty -- a way of being where the mind knows nothing for certain.

Subtracting Things
Neutralizing negative thinking and addictive behavior. 

Moving towards a way of being where you are no longer reacting to the colorful storyline created by your mind.

Give Away
Universal teachings that are indirectly passed on to other people simply through experiencing your presence, language, behavior, and positive thinking.

Dealing with the ephemeral world of beliefs, intuition, physical sensations, feelings, needs, and the desire for wholeness.

No Identity = Who aren't I?
Learning to see that your negative reactions to other people are in fact judgments about yourself and offer an opportunity to connect your unclaimed nature.

Learning self-empathy as a foundation to practice empathy for others so as to become a more loving communicator, creator, and peacemaker in all your relationships.


Your business a living thing. Like a circus act your business has it's own cycles of learning, being on stage, and breaking down the tent. You may be sensing you've hit a plateau and new learning needs to happen or you need to cut a piece of your business and let it go. From this experience of flipping Hint Jewelry, I saw that I was already unconsciously developing a new part of my business but was never completely acknowledging how important it was for me or how they were interconnected.

If you're stuck, things have gotten boring, or you hit a road block, consider turning your business upside down and check out the flip side. Maybe you're already growing something new that just needs your attention to nurture it further or perhaps you'll see your business isn't working and start something completely different. Whatever the outcome, I hope you take a moment to turn your circus act upside down!


  1. This is so brilliant and useful; thank you and wishes for joy in your upside down world. Joan T

  2. Thanks Joan! I'm glad this idea spoke to you and hope it's useful in your own life :)


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