November National Novel Writing Month

In 2010, my dad's cousin and her daughter each wrote a book during the month of November and introduced me to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). How cool is that? A national goal that proposes that people sit down during the month of November and write a novel is pretty top notch in my book. A novel in 30 days can be done (by people of any age or background) and there is support to do it through the organization National Novel Writing Month.

I'm so inspired to hear that people have stories of fiction to write down. Fiction is something I can't seem to muster up, so when I hear that a bunch of people are spinning their wheels out there coming up with creative ways to tell our common stories, it feels like watching my favorite team take the field to produce something close to magic.

This past year, I wrote a book of non-fiction, and it actually took 60 instead of 30 days. Now 9 months of editing and revising later, I am on the edge of self-publishing this beast. What I've learned from this experience is that the writing is actually probably the easier part. It's the willingness to continually refine it and stick through the process to its completion that is such a bugger. Showing up every day for editing this book, asking and receiving help, trusting in time off to allow for happy accidents to make the content richer, and keeping the faith that I will finish it has been my greatest learning experience thus far.

If you want to write a book or are in the midst of writing a book, do it and don't give up trying. Keep showing up for your book every day even if you don't write a word because you are still in the process of co-creating with this thing no matter what happens.

Through it may you and words become one :)

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