Photography of Peter Essick

Moonlight, Spruce Trees, Oulanka National Park, Finland: Peter Essick
Peter Essick has traveled the world searching out perfectly composed pictures that evoke indescribable feelings experienced out in nature. Just last week a friend and I were lamenting about how difficult it is to see an amazing moment out in nature that you want to preserve on film, but when you snap the shot it doesn't capture the true feeling found in the memory of the experience.

Peter Essick is one of those amazing souls who has the ability to fix those transitory moments found in the natural world into a type of living photograph.

Fen, Oulanka National Park, Finland: Peter Essick
The photographs I've posted from Peter Essick's collection are all taken from his time spent at the Oulanka National Park in Finland.

Summer Thunderstorm, Oulanka River, Oulanka National Park, Finland, Peter Essick
Doesn't this photograph just make you think you might catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis if you stayed out a little longer?

Ice Bergs, Kitka River, Oulanka National Park, Finland: Peter Essick
Anyone who can make a snow scene look like a cosmic phenomenon is pretty special! To learn more about one of our most influential photographers of the twenty-first century please be sure to visit Peter Essick's Web site.


  1. Breathtaking! Makes think there is so much more that I could be doing with my own camera! Enjoy the day, Miss Beth!

  2. haha! I look forward to seeing your camera experiments.


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