Color Your World with Raw Food Salad

raw food salad: parsley, celery, corn, carrots, and beets
One thing my raw food diet has taught me is that I don't need lettuce to make a salad. Hello!! Wow, that sounds like a pretty obvious notion, but while I was making food, I noticed that there was subtle programming in my head that said, "Well, I don't have lettuce so I can't make a salad." My perfect excuse for not eating raw vegetables.

Moreover, the real craziness of hanging onto this belief is that lettuce provides very little nutritional value to one's diet so why not leave it out all together. Since lettuce spoils quicker then other vegetables, I opt for purchasing heartier leafier greens like fresh kale or roots that actually last more than a week.

Consequently, after I abolished my lettuce belief, I found that making a salad was a lot more fun when I threw it together based on color. Of course there are some taste factors to consider, but honestly if your fridge is stocked with enough variety of vegetables on a weekly basis, you can make some pretty festive salads based on the concept of color.

Here is one of my favorite salad combinations that uses the colors dark green (parsley),  yellow green (celery), yellow (corn), orange (carrot), and red-violet (beet). A bowl of this salad is really fulfilling live food and nourishes you all day instead of a bunch of delicate lettuce that holds your cravings back for about an hour or two.

So maybe you don't have time or the inclination to paint, draw, bead, knit, sew, or garden, instead open the fridge and look at your palette of veggies and have fun composing with color.


  1. I definitely agree w/you on that... notice how chopped salads are in vogue? even tho there is lettuce, that is chopped as well... Raw veggies definitely have more of an impact..

  2. I just discovered this summer that a salad doesn't need lettuce. I don't particularly like lettuce so wasn't eating salads. But this summer we had loads of tomatoes, peppers, greens, and other things from the garden and I just started tossing them together as salad. Yum and so beautiful, no dressing needed. I love the idea of consciously combining things in festive colour combinations.

  3. Chris, glad you're loving the impact of raw veggies! LeAnn, haha! What fun to have uncovered the simplicity of vegetables together :) Sounds delish and no dressing is one thing that is becoming more and more addictive!!

  4. Beth, just thought of something.. add some chopped jalapenos.. I've added it to guacamole and it adds some kick.

  5. Chris, wow that does sound yummy! I could use some spice right now. Thanks for the suggestion :)


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