Authentic Knitting Board for Kids

Tadpole Knitting Board, The Authentic Knitting Board
The other day at yoga class, a young girl was using this cool loom to knit a scarf. I asked her how it works and in about 5 minutes she showed me. Wow, this is a clever little device and perfect for young kids who might struggle to hang onto cumbersome knitting needles. Also, this knitting loom only has only 16 pins so it's perfect for small, on-the-go projects such scarfs or hats. Using the knitting board you create a double knit stitch which makes your work extra thick and cozy.


  1. In college I had to make a loom but it was at least 5'long and 4' wide.... the distance on the 'kid' loom is minuscule... to me whatever was woven would be the size of a bookmark? btw, I loved that loom even tho it was hard bringing it to class...

  2. Wow what a cool class project! It sounds like it was fun, but dang what a large thing to have to lug around. Do you still like weaving?

  3. At the time I found it calming.. Got an A in the class. No, I don't weave any more.. Use to do counted cross stitch.. After turning 40, the up close vision ain't what it use to be...love weaving and cross stitch because of the accomplishment I would get... selfish isn't it? lol :-)

  4. It sounds like it would be calming and meditative. What a fun way to break up academic life at college. And no I wouldn't call you selfish in the least!! :) I totally agree with that feeling of accomplishment that you have when it comes to fiber arts. Maybe because there feels like a definite beginning and a clear end one feels a better sense of completing something. I also like that feeling of being able to wear or look at it. Way better then dusting!!


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