Heather Powers: Jewelry Designs from Nature


For Christmas, I treated myself to Heather Power's new book Jewelry Designs from Nature: Woodlands, Gardens, Sea. Heather Powers of Humblebeads outdid herself with this gorgeous book that brings together amazing art beads in one-of-a-kind jewelry designs. First of all, Heather focused on my favorite subject matter -- nature -- and in her book, she reveals that some of her designs are inspired by her childhood growing up in the forests of Michigan. This is one experience I can relate to because even though I grew up in a suburb of Michigan, I spent many hours daydreaming and staring up at a pine tree in my backyard, wishing I was lost in the beauty and mystery of the north woods.

There are lots of delicious pieces to draw inspiration from in Jewelry Designs from Nature, and Heather Powers has once again come up with unique combinations of colors and textures that surprise me every time. I think my favorite piece is the necklace Nurture Thy Soul that brings together a Humblebeads clasp as a focal point with a Cindy Gimbrone's lampworked headpin. Clever!

Lastly, Heather Powers includes a wonderful little section the talks about using poetry as a starting point for creating a design. I love this concept because it asks someone to take words, abstract ideas, and emotions and translate them into a visual image that tells a story.

If you want to learn more about this book and see some of the designs featured inside, watch this video interview of Heather Power talking about Jewelry Designs from Nature.

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