Lemonade Mantras Book Launch

My book Lemonade Mantras is finally here! And as a special thank you to all my friends and readers for supporting my work over the years, I'm offering FREE e-book versions of Lemonade Mantras and its Companion Journal in PDF format. Also included in this package is a bonus feature called Mind Tricks.

If you haven't already received an e-mail from me with attachments for Lemonade Mantras, then it's possible I don't have your correct address on file. If you would like free copies of these e-books, please send me a message at beth@bethhemmila.com.

This special offer is for a limited time and will continue through the month of January.

What is Lemonade Mantras?
In a nutshell, Lemonade Mantras is a powerful 10-step process that teaches you how to love your whole self as a way to create more happiness in your life and more peace in your relationships.

Lemonade Mantras blends together 10-steps for transforming your negative thinking chosen from the best techniques found along my own twenty-year therapeutic journey of finding more happiness and peace.

On your own journey through the Lemonade Mantras process you will:
  • Develop your intuition by writing with your non-dominant hand.
  • Untangle and resolve the emotional conflicts in your life through journal writing.
  • Practice identifying feelings and needs.
  • Discover hidden beliefs that sabotage your life.
  • Take responsibility for personal outcomes so as to empower your thinking.
  • Find happiness by making personal requests to meet your needs.
  • Write your own personalized recipe of positive affirmations for change.
  • Rewrite your internal script and rewire your thinking patterns.
  • Turn self-empathy into empathy for others.

What's unique about Lemonade Mantras in comparison to other self-improvement books?
Most self-help books explain the "Why" but never effectively come up with a concrete action plan for how to change your life.  

Lemonade Mantras is HOW TO CHANGE and is written in a practical way that keeps learning simple and accessible.  Each chapter can be read in under 20 minutes and includes a follow-up exercise to put your learning into practice. More importantly, it gives you a plan for change. Something solid that you can rely on every day to transform emotionally charged moments in your life into wisdom.

Another key concept in Lemonade Mantras is the belief that learning a new habit requires repetition. So while other self-help books offer question and answer worksheets to be used and forgotten, Lemonade Mantras treats your brain like any other muscle in the body and becomes an exercise regimen for personal change.

Lastly, if done with consistency and to the best of your ability, Lemonade Mantras will produce your own personal recipe of positive affirmations that act as a unique alchemical formula in your head to transform your thinking and open your heart.

How do I purchase a copy of Lemonade Mantras?
Visit my page of FREE DOWNLOADS and receive Lemonade Mantras for free by clicking here.

If you enjoy reading by having a book in hand rather then from a computer screen, purchase hard copy versions of Lemonade Mantras by ordering print-on-demand books at Lulu.com by clicking here.

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