Being a w-OM-en

Om, Beth Hemmila, (Hint Jewelry): sterling silver charm

Recently I walked into a public restroom and saw the most amazing message on the door:

The 'W' and 'EN' had fallen off the sign and all that remained was "OM." Isn't that hilarious?! Here I had been running around half my life as a "woman" without having ever noticed that within this label was the root of all sacred sound.

As a woman who has spent most of her adult life struggling to appreciate gender, crush preconceived stereotypes, and rethink what it means to be feminine, seeing this simple message made me realize that the love I wanted to feel for being born a girl was there all along. Taking a pee in a public place will never be the same again :)

I hope today you fall in love with the creative feminine all over again!


  1. What a great insight...using your life and seemingly mundane events and catching the lesson is awesome!

  2. You definitely gave me something to think about!. Guess it would take a woman to figure out the 'om'.....Damn, we're a smart gender!. :-)

  3. this is something that i have been exploring myself... while focusing strongly on being a good human, i had neglected the feminine... i find it interesting that you bring up the tara mantra - she is quite something - the feminist buddha who chose not to be reincarnated as a man to increase her chances of reaching the highest level... saw some beautiful depictions at a museum in ny recently... and have her down as a future tattoo... the mani mantra is on wednesday... thanks as always, beth... relevant and beautiful...


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