Cool Tools: New Silicone Molds for Precious Metal Clay Charms

Cool Tools just came out with some new silicone molds for making charms out of precious metal clay. Because the silicone doesn't stick to metal clay you don't have to use mold release, which is a major bonus. You can also use these molds with polymer or ceramic clays too. Check out this cute design for spring below with the little butterfly. Too sweet!

Cool Tools, Spring Design


  1. Here's an amazing fact about Beth (whom I've never had the pleasure of meeting). So giving is she of her knowledge and talents, she posted every clue and nuance of how to make your own charming charms...going so far as to post uTube clips, so you don't have to guess or figure it out yourself. Then, a company comes along and basically copies HER idea of making molds to shape PMC. Does Beth get angry. Not our Beth. Knowing the universe is a place of infinite bounty where knowledge is freely available and unlimited for all, she makes no foot-stomping demands. She calmly posts the company offerings on her blog. What class. Cool Tools molds are lovely. But, I'll take the original.
    I came to your site to look at jewelry, but stay to learn many wisdoms.
    Good job, Beth.

  2. Oh my gosh, you are so sweet! I get so much out of sharing how to make stuff that it just feels like psychic payment and then plus some :) It's even more fun when we all have access to the same information and can play together. So the more the merrier. Thanks for enjoying my blog and my work!


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