Lemonade Mantras & Conscious Eating Worksheet

Lemonade Mantras & Conscious Eating Worksheet, Beth Hemmila

Ready to kick the habit of using food to fulfill a emotional need for love and affection?

In 2010, I did a liver gallbladder cleanse that required a primarily vegan diet and an elimination of flour, dairy, and sugar. You can read the details about my diet and experiences of setting 120 day challenges here.

Thirty days into my new life-altering diet, I noticed something interesting about my food cravings for pizza, cheese, chocolate, hamburgers, and donuts -- my yearnings were all related to an unmet need which was ultimately connected to a feeling that was missing from my life. I wrote about this epiphany during Day 39 here.

By writing in my journal using techniques I had developed for my book Lemonade Mantras and relating my cravings for junk foods to my unmet feelings and needs, I began to take responsibility for the food that was entering my life. I learned how to diagnose my strategy of emotional eating so as to find new behaviors that would actually fulfill needs for love, companionship, self-expression, reassurance, acceptance, etc.

The Lemonade Mantras & Conscious Eating Worksheet is the result of this process of writing about food. Particularly if you are starting a new diet and want to understand your eating habits from a place of compassion so as to discover the secret message lurking beneath the food in your life, then I urge you to check it out the Lemonade Mantras & Conscious Eating Worksheet.
You don't need to be on a diet to use the Lemonade Mantras & Conscious Eating Worksheet, but it's an awesome tool if you are embarking on a new way of eating or would just like to discover more about the food in your life. Creating a Lemonade Mantras & Conscious Eating Journal is like having your own personal coach giving you feedback during those difficult moments when you want to give in to your cravings.

Many times I was able to either relieve my cravings by using the Lemonade Mantras & Conscious Eating Worksheet or alternatively resolve with loving compassion the guilt I felt after having eaten something that didn't meet my personal goals. The Lemonade Mantras & Conscious Eating Worksheet was my number one tool for getting unstuck from the cycle of shame I felt around food, weight, and life-style choices.

In addition to the journal method for writing about food in Lemonade Mantras & Conscious Eating, I have also included key questions to ask yourself so as to develop conscious eating as a new habit and a list of my top daily strategies for learning to be more mindful about food.

Lastly, I recommend reading the e-book Lemonade Mantras first before you use the Lemonade Mantras & Conscious Eating Worksheet simply because you may gain more experience identifying the language of your particular feelings and needs. Nevertheless, if you are already deeply in touch with your feelings and needs you may try using this worksheet independently of the book Lemonade Mantras.

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  1. TY Beth! This looks awesome just ordered it! U rock!

  2. Thanks Shanti! I'm so honored that you like this concept. I'd love to hear how it works for you.


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