Raw Food Recipe: Kale Salad Dressing

raw food salad: lacinato kale, red and orange peppers

One of the most delicious raw food salad ingredients is kale. I am particularly fond of what they call Dinosaur or Lacinato kale. I think it has a softer texture and easier to eat in raw form then the other varieties.  The flavor is subtler and has a kind of nutty aftertaste.

One way I spice up my raw food kale salads is with a favorite dressing that I toss in and then work into the leaves with my hands. If you let the salad sit for about 30 minutes, the dressing soaks into the kale and softens it a bit so it's more chewable.

Here are the ingredients to my favorite raw food kale salad dressing:

Olive oil
Lemon juice
Cayenne pepper
Minced garlic
Tahini (plain or roasted)

Mix by hand or whip it up in a food processor. I also use this dressing over other fresh vegetable salads or rice. Tahini is optional but is great addition of protein to your salad along with extra nutty flavor.


  1. Have u tried the kale salad at Whole Foods? the lady there told me how to make it. Steamed kale, tossed w/sesame seeds and sesame oil. (somewhat similar to yours)

  2. oh that sounds just delicious! i love kale so much...i am so glad that kale and chard are 'popular' now that i can have them in the winter months until my garden comes in...you can also add kale, dinosaur or red, to smoothies and that is quite good...use iced tea instead of dairy with blueberries, banana, flax seeds and honey...delish

  3. Thank you so much, this information was useful, especially that you find dino kale to be the best. I'm planning to try grow some kale in my garden this year, and have just started look up what variety to use. Kale is such a great green for us in the colder climate since most varieties can take low temperatures and even snow without getting damaged! :) However, they are not available for more than a few weeks every year in the shops (around Christmas) since they are not easy to store fresh. So the best thing is to grow it yourself.

  4. Chris, I've tried a version of kale salad at Whole Food, but that sounds different and quite delicious. I love it's simplicity!! Thanks for sharing. I have to use it on my leftover kale this week :)

    Jean, I have yet to add kale to smoothies and it's about time I tried it. You may have just given me the incentive. Kale and blueberries sound great! Also, I need to get out my coffee grinder more and add some flax seeds, so thanks for the reminder to pump up my smoothies one more notch.

    Petra, what fun that you are going to start growing it. I love them all, but dino has become my goto one if it's fresh. It's so wonderful cooked or fresh and the texture is delightful.

    1. Beth, I think that was the employee's own recipe...its similar to a kale salad I have had at avegan market/restaurant in Hawaii.

  5. Yummy, thanks for the recipe, Beth. I add Kale to my diet everyday and have added it to puree soups too. Of course I grind up a tablespoon of my flax seed to add to it! Gotta get those Omega 3's!

  6. Jeanette, you too! I love slicing some up and adding it fresh to soup like parsley. Geez, now I've got to try flax seed in my soup. What an awesome idea :)

  7. As far as flax seed. have u tried flax seed oil on air popped popcorn? a friend of mine got me hooked on it... gives the popcorn a nutty taste to it...

    1. No, that sounds so yummy! Wow what a great idea. I've been using coconut oil which is also kind of interesting. It's my way of going non-dairy. I'm going to have to try your suggestion :)


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