Spring Ducklings

baby duck

Spring is here and Easter is already next week. Wow, I wasn't quite ready for the shift in seasons, but now that the pink buds on trees have started to pop I'm all in. It's the season of new life and rebirth, and I was incredibly lucky this week to hold this precious, yellow fuzz ball in my hands.

A friend of mine has a new family of ducklings that is an explosion of cuteness. Watching these adorable creatures, I realized for the first time why they are so special to me. Not only can water fowl fly, walk around on land, but also they are amazing swimmers. They effortlessly inhabit three different layers of our world with complete grace.

Many people have asked me for a duck charm from Hint Jewelry, but for some reason it would always end up at the bottom of the list. Maybe 2012 will be my year of the duck...


  1. I had nearly forgotten the year when we had a pair of ducks lay eggs, tend the nest, and have 3 wee ones toddle around our farm yard. Oh so long ago when my children were just young ones themselves. We were all enthralled with the advent of spring and the birth of new life as the world was waking up from a long winter. Thank you for gifting me with this unearthed memory. Year of the duck. Yes!

  2. ducklings are hands down one of my favorite parts of spring... as a little girl i loved the book 'make way for ducklings'... how cool that you got to hold one! so sweet...

  3. Why am I not surprised that both of you enjoy ducks! You two are the sweetest souls.


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