Free Jewelry Making Tutorial: How to Wire Wrap a Briolette

free jewelry tutorial briolette wire wrapping
Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)

Wire wrapping a briolette can be a bit tricky at first when you're just starting out. This was one technique I repeated over and over again to find the kind of style that felt like me. In the picture above I wire wrapped my briolettes so you could still see a little bit of the tip. I'm not sure why that appeals to me, but it just felt like my style.

Nevertheless, in the beginning I wire wrapped my briolettes so that part of the top of the gem was concealed with a wire cap, and I made it purposely messy and thick. I found this free tutorial that you can download in PDF form to wire wrap a messy briolette. Offered by Liz Smith of the Etsy shop Made in Lowell, it's a nifty pictorial guide. You can find her free download by clicking here.

free jewelry making wire wrapping briolette
Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)

If you'd rather see the technique on wire wrapping a briolette live, check out this video on Youtube by Nicole Anderson of Beadshop.com -- another great place to find information on free projects and videos.


  1. I've never been able to perfect this type of wire wrap no matter how many times I try it. At first I tried to make them nice and tidy, which didn't work at all--especially if I was making earrings that needed to match. So I embraced the 'messy' style and it always came out looking like a rats nest. I guess practice makes perfect in this case. Thanks for the links to the tutorials!

  2. I admit that it takes some practice to do this to where I like it! I never seem to cut enough wire! I prefer mine just covered up by the wire. Thanks for the tips on the tutes! I like to mix things up now and then. Enjoy the day.


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