Free Jewelry Making Tutorial: Friendship Bracelets

friendship bracelet kids activities
friendship bracelets

One of the first pieces of jewelry I ever made was a friendship bracelet. Nothing can compare to that feeling of elation of making something so intricately colorful and then seeing your best friend wear it until it disintegrated into nothing. It was my initial glimpse into the notion that jewelry can be a connection point for two souls.

Teaching kids how to make friendship bracelets is a super fun activity and something you can share in together. They're also a simple way to add texture and color to a group of bangles on your own wrist.

Here's an easy to follow tutorial on Honestly WTF for a chevron friendship bracelet. Erica also has tutorials for a macrame bracelet and a neat wrapped bracelet using leather, ball chain, and linen cord.

To learn how to make a foam core loom for your friendship bracelets, head on over to Quirky Momma Kids Activity Blog

Anything you ever wanted to know about making friendship bracelets can be found at Friendship-bracelets.net.

friendship bracelet kids activities
friendship bracelets

Lastly for more bracelet tutorials using multiple mediums such as silk, leather cord, and beads check out the videos on Make Bracelets by clicking here.

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  1. Now that brought back memories for summers making friendship bracelets at camp :) I remember sitting there with mom's embroidery thread making bracelets and more bracelets each summer. I need to go out there and check it out to teach my niece how to make the friendship bracelets!


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