Free Jewelry Tutorial: Storing and Caring for Sterling Silver Jewelry

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Flaming Heart Milagro: Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): sterling silver flaming heart charm

It wasn't until I started making and selling Hint Jewelry that I became extremely conscientious about how to care for and store sterling silver. Previously, I had been somewhat carefree about keeping my sterling silver polished and looking good, but as soon as I started fabricating and maintaining jewelry others would wear I searched for ways to make my job easier.

storing caring sterling silver jewelry polishing tarnish bags box
storing and caring for sterling silver jewelry

My number one solution is putting each piece of jewelry in its own individual plastic baggie. Especially if you live in a coastal climate with high humidity, plastic bags are your best assurance that minimum tarnishing will occur.

I also stick a small anti-tarnishing strip in each bag for extra protection and then place all my bags in a jewelry box, which also limits oxidation.

For complicated layered necklaces that might get twisted in a bag, I like to leave a little bit of the tail hanging out the end and then seal it shut so the chains don't get tangled.

polishing pads and cloths for sterling silver jewelry

Lastly when my chains and sterling silver Hint Jewelry charms start to become tarnished, I use either the EuroTool micro polishing pads that I sell in my shop or a Sunshine Polishing Cloth

What are your tips and tricks for storing, cleaning, and making your jewelry sparkle?

For a helpful guide for caring for your jewelry see the information below:

Storage & Cleaning Guide for Sterling Silver Jewelry 

Prevent tarnishing and scratches by placing each individual piece of silver jewelry in a cloth pouch or an airtight, plastic bag. Store these bags in a cool, dry place, such as a jewelry box.

By wearing your jewelry, you will slow the oxidation process and keep your silver polished and shiny.

Remove silver jewelry before sleeping, swimming, and bathing. Avoid exposing your silver jewelry to household chemicals such as bleach or ammonia and beauty products such as hairspray, perfume, oils, make-up, and suntan lotion.

Always use a professional jewelry polishing cloth or pad to remove tarnish. Gently rub the cloth against the metal. Silver is extremely pliable, so remember to proceed cautiously with chains, which could easily break if pulled too hard. Fine silver is more pure than sterling; therefore it is a softer metal, and should be handled with care.

Polish your jewelry after wearing it to remove oils, fingerprints and dust.

Do not use cleaning solutions or “dips” to remove tarnish for it may alter the patina, and cause permanent damage to the silver or gemstones.

To purchase a professional polishing pad, check out the "Build a Charm Necklace" section of my shop.


  1. I use the fine nail buffing blocks to buff off tarnish and rub it to a brilliant shine! It works, and it's only a dollar a piece. I also include one for my customers in each package.

    1. That's such a clever idea! Thanks for sharing your tip. All the best :)


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