Sneak Peek: Mending & Mantras E-Courses

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Mending & Mantras E-courses

I've been a little distracted lately because over the last couple months I've been working on a series of e-courses called Mending & Mantras.

Drawing on nine different themes that are central to personal development, I will be facilitating six-week long online-retreats based on the work in my book Lemonade Mantras.

My aim is to bring people together as a group, connect and bond through common stories, and gently mend the holes in our lives.

Class outcomes will be:
  • A personal recipe of positive affirmations that will re-script your negative thinking patterns
  • Easy tools for personal growth
  • Fun journal techniques
  • Effective action steps for putting your life on track
  • Creative projects for exploring self-expression
  • Lasting connections with a dynamic group of wholehearted people

My aim is to begin enrollment for the first class Mending Creative Time & Space during the month of June for a start date in July. There will be an opportunity to snag a seat in one of these online-retreats for free and also on a donation basis, so stayed tuned in to my blog over the next couple weeks for more details.

If you want to keep on top of the latest Mending & Mantras e-course information, I recommend following my blog via e-mail. To do this, go to the top right-hand corner of my blog under the header, fill in your e-mail address in the empty field and click Submit.


  1. This is so wonderful. I love watching you transform and shine more of your light into this world Beth. Seems like the sunny desert and "freedupness" has been so good for your spirit.

    1. Lauren, thank you so much for noticing my changes! I do feel a lot lighter and freedom feels ever present :) Thanks for being on the path with me and sharing your healing spirit. xoxo Beth


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