Behind the Scenes: What Topics Should I Write About On My Blog?

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This is a quick little post about how to select blog topics. If you're ever stumped about what would be useful information on your blog, ponder the following questions:

  • What do people ask me for help with?
  • What are people always asking me how to do?
  • What special knowledge, experience, or techniques do I possess that people want know about and consistently ask me to share?
  • What tips and tricks do people always ask me about?

These people could contact you through your blog, social media, or online shop. It could also be the people in your life like friends, family, coworkers, and strangers on the street. So be on the look out for the question: "How do you do that?"

Always keep in mind that the Internet is a gathering place for information sharing. It's like being at the best watering hole or knitting circle. It's a place to discover, learn, contribute, and connect.

So if you have information people are always asking you to share, don't hold back on your special knowledge. People are waiting for you to share the best of yourself, and in doing so, you will help grow the best in them.

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