Breakfast with Buddha

Breakfast with Buddha by Roland Merullo is another book I just finished upon the recommendation of a friend, and I wasn't disappointed! What a delightful read. I think it would appeal to seasoned Buddhists as well as anyone who doesn't know the first thing about Buddha. Roland Merullo's wry humor and easy to understand metaphors help to illustrate esoteric Buddhist concepts in simple ways.

The story centers around Otto Ringling, a middle-aged man with a serious gourmet food habit, who takes a road trip from the suburbs of New York to North Dakota with a Buddhist lama (teacher). Along the way Otto and his companion have lots of American misadventures as well as insightful Buddhist teachings.

The chapters are short, and Roland Merullo's knack for conjuring up funny pictures makes for a quick read. In addition, if you're a foodie you'll love the descriptions of some of the delicious meals Otto indulges in while on the road, and if you're looking to understand "mindfulness" -- the latest buzz word -- Breakfast with Buddha is an easy place to start.

My favorite chapter is when the lama tricks Otto into attending a yoga class, and you get to hear the endless rant going on inside his head while contorting his body. Simply hysterical!


  1. Thanks for the review of this book. I was inspired to read it and have just finished it. I really enjoyed it and it helped me to understand meditation and has opened up a new path to explore. Thank you.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book! It was so delightful, and it holds great meaning for me that it opened up a new way of being in your life and the world.


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