Free Jewelry Making Video Tutorial: How to Make an Adjustable Sterling Silver Chain Necklace

adjustable chain necklace demonstration video tools materials beth hemmila
Tools & Materials for an Adjustable Chain Necklace, Beth Hemmila

Here's a video tutorial I made that demonstrates how to make a sterling silver adjustable chain necklace. This is exactly the kind of sterling silver chain necklace I sell in my shop Hint Jewelry. These necklaces feature a 2" extender chain at the end, which allows you adjust your necklace anywhere between 16" and 18" in length.

The featured technique in this sterling silver chain necklace is putting all these components together using a double wire wrapped connector that doesn't include a bead or gem. I'll show you how I make my wire loops and then how many times I wrap the wire around.

These necklaces are perfect for interchanging charms and gems because the extender chain on one side allows jump rings and smaller bails to easily slip over the end.


Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers or bent nose pliers
Wire cutters
Measuring tape


Two 3" pieces of 22 gauge sterling silver half hard round wire
One 9.1mm sterling silver oval trigger lobster claw clasp
15" of 2.7mm oval flat sterling silver cable chain
2" 3.7mm oval flat sterling silver cable chain

To learn how to antique your necklace check out this how to video. Please note that I have switched from using liver of sulfur in dried chunks and prefer Cool Tools Patina Gel instead.

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  1. Great tutorial Beth. While I make my wrapped loops the same way you do, I've not made the double loop...so easy. Thank you for sharing.
    And, you have such a sweet calming voice, just like I'd thought you'd be!


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