Behind the Scenes: Make a Video to Market Your Business

In May I attended a free webinar by Zeke Camusio from The Outsourcing Company called "Video Marketing." It was so helpful that I've posted a video of the webinar above.

Here are some of the video statistics that Zeke Camusio shared during his webinar:
  • 170 million Americans watch videos online
  • Youtube gets 3 billion views a day
  • The average American spends 3.5 hours a week watching videos online
  • Videos can have up to 3 times the impact of written text

The first time I made a video and uploaded it to Youtube, it was done out of necessity. Somebody e-mailed me a technical question about adjusting a leather cord necklace, and I thought the easiest solution was to videotape me doing it so they could see for themselves.

Then after about a year of people writing and asking me how I designed my metal clay charms, I came up with a video series that shows all the steps. You can find my metal clay charm video series by clicking here. Making these videos came out of my desire to share knowledge and help other people learn some of my tips and tricks. At this point I was completely clueless. Youtube was just a tool for me. I had know idea that it had the possibility of connecting me to people and introducing them to my business just like Facebook or Twitter.

Three years later, and I still don't use video effectively for marketing for I've always thought of it as a teaching tool; however, what I do see now after accumulating over 300 subscribers and 245,000 video views is that it's a powerful medium for communicating the message of you and your business and probably shouldn't be ignored.

If you've never made a video connected to your business, I encourage you to try it. As Zeke Camusio, points out in his webinar it's not that difficult and what's most important is the quality of content and sound. Even if you aren't savvy enough to make video a business marketing tool, at its most basic level, customers are introduced to the real you. The Internet can feel slightly anonymous, so the more you are able present who you are in a friendly and approachable way, the more likely people will want to build a relationship with you through your business.

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  1. I can tell there is a ton of good info here, unfortunately I don't have time to dig in to it so I'm saving it for later. Thank you for sharing!!


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