Behind the Scenes: Your Value & Resonant Pricing


What's the right price?

This was a difficult thing for me to figure out when I first started Hint Jewelry. I had some formulas where I punched in materials, labor, love, attachment, etc., and came up with a magic number. However, it never felt quite right to me.

Then I discovered the concept of Resonant Pricing through Heart of Business. To download a FREE copy of Mark Silver's Your Right Price click here to go to the Heart of Business blog post and locate the PDF.

Essentially it's an exercise that teaches you how to discover the right pricing for your services or products that resonates with your heart and is authentic for you. A price that people will positively reflect back to you because it's a value that is true for you..

Mark also shares a Sufi Teaching on Pricing that you might want to check out in the same post. If you sell a product or a service, I highly recommend doing this pricing exercise as a way for you to get clear on your intentions and beliefs for your business.


  1. Wow, that smile of yours!... You look so happy... something must be going right for you.. :-)

    1. Thank you! You're so sweet to say this :) Things are going well...

  2. hmmm, this is really interesting, thanks so much... i have become an intuitive pricer - with materials and time in mind... definitely going to take a look at the resources...

  3. Thanks for sharing this Beth! I actually bought the "Unveiling the Heart of Your Business" ebook yesterday, the whole concept sounded intriguing, and I have felt for some time that I was at the point he describes, where "something's gotta give." His concept of spirituality appeals to me, and I am still exploring, from every angle I can think of, the feasibility of making my art my living. I don't believe in it yet (for me), but I'm not done thinking about it. In a bit of a wasteland right now so I check out any oasis that sounds reasonable.


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