Flags for Peace Project 2012

sketch for prayer flags

On September 21, 2012 a group of us will be sharing pictures of our handmade prayer flags on the Internet to celebrate International Peace Day. This project was created by Mary Jane Dodd. You can read more about it's inception by checking out her blog here and if you want to contribute click on this link.

The objective is to unite diverse people from around the world in an interactive and cooperative way, by first designing our own prayer flags and then sharing them on the blog Flags for Peace Project 2012 on September 21st.

Prayer flags are traditionally flown in the Himalayan region to promote peace and compassion. The Tibetans believe that wind blows the good will, prayers, and mantras embodied in these flags throughout all space and benefits all beings.

I'm in the beginning stages of figuring out a design for my prayer flags, so I've started doing some sketches and gathering ideas.  To read about my process, click here and visit the Flags for Peace Project blog.

On a final note, Mary Jane Dodd selected the following quote as a symbol for the Flags for Peace Project, and it's something that resonates with my heart for peace feels more and more like an action in my life that have the opportunity to make and share with others.

Peace is not something you wish for;
it's something you make,
something you do,
something you are
and something you give away.
- Robert Fulghum

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