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A gigantic thank  you and big hug, to Genea Collins over at Torque Story for giving me a Kreativ Blogger Award this week!

Instead of sharing 7 random facts about me, I'm going to share a really interesting tidbit about Genea Collins in hopes that you'l pop over to her blog and learn some more.

Here's one random fact about Genea Collins that I thought was sweet:

My favorite museum is in New York City--where I lived for nearly nine years. I love the Cloisters not because of the famous unicorn tapestries but because taking the subway way, way up to Tryon Park always felt like an escape and a secret. In December the place smells of cloves and oranges.

Genea Collin's creative focus is petyote-stitched, Russian spiral necklaces, and braided kuminhimo cords, which all evoke the concept of toque. Here's what Genea Collins says about toque and the idea of rotation:

The spirals and twisty-bumpy beading and braiding techniques hold special resonance for me because they symbolize the journey we all take that makes us who we are. We set out on straight paths but take various twists and turns as life gets in the way. This makes us far more interesting people, and makes for far more interesting jewelry.

What a poetic way to look at life and jewelry! It's something I would like to embrace more and more. I hope you get a chance to learn more about Genea Collins by checking out her blog and if you're into beading you may want to click on her link for free tutorials called "I Might Make that Monday."

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  1. Thank you for the nice post, Beth! The beading blogosphere is indeed a place of positive karma.


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